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Category Archives: animals

And now for the first marsupial digimal…

Digimals::KoalatyAssuranceTesting := the (not-so) subtle science and exact art of designing unit tests which probe every aspect of your system, as tenaciously and tirelessly as a koala quests after eucalyptus¬†leaves to munch ūüôā ¬†Ideally, a parent unit test will host child tests locally, will re-launch them upon failure,¬†and will be able to automatically tweak system parameters (within use-case specific boundaries) ¬†to support their likelihood of returning a success condition on their next try.

I’ve been working with parallel algorithms a lot lately, so here’s another digimal related to semaphores:

Digimals::SerpentineSemaphore := A variant semaphore structure configured to unobtrusively watch or slither between asynchronous threads, ominously gathering statistics until the perfectly opportunistic conditions (for collision, deadlock, starvation etc.) are met, at which point it mercilessly strikes target threads  with precise and undeniable directives!

Green-Beautiful-Emerald-Tree-Boa-snake (7) Emerald_Tree_Boa_by_Track_Maidens

As mechanical engineers learned long ago, there is much we human scientists can glean from nature (and then improve upon) which is applicable to our innovative endeavors. ¬†This is true also for software engineers… to that end, I present the first in a series of nature inspired programming strategies, partly for laughs, mostly serious ūüôā

Digimals::Octopus Oriented Programming := a multi-threaded (at least 8) application design pattern where processing and resource sharing is managed by a single amorphous semaphore

Owls in general are great, but the miniature saw-whet owl is one of my favorites: saw-whet on