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Monthly Archives: October 2015

I’ve been dabbling in a bit of web development lately; the prototype paradigm for object-oriented javascript still confuses me, but I really enjoy the framework provided by the DOM and HTML5.  If anybody can recommend in the comments a friendly library that makes working with SVGs easier, I’d greatly appreciate it.  In much belated celebration of Independence Day, I present a silly little page based on this great HTML5/JS fireworks demo: it was intended to trace the whole SVG path with fireworks, but that turns out to be pretty tricky.  What it does do is part fluke, part partial success… wait a few seconds after the firework launching appears to be finished for the sparklers to kick in.  To start, just upload an SVG, cast a shifty glance skyward, and cue the fireworks guy!


My demo requires an SVG file to upload before the fireworks start, so here’s the git octo-cat (src)